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Selon les sources sécuritaires de Debkafile, le premier réseau officiellement mis à jour par les services de renseignement égyptien, cette semaine, n'est que la partie émergée d'un iceberg : derrière les membres du Hezbollah arrêtés, se profilent les Pasdaran iraniens qui ont investi la péninsule du Sinaï et le Canal de Suez, via des bases à Port-Saïd (récemment impliquée dans le traçage d'un convoi d'armes à destination de Gaza, éliminé par un raid israélien ou -selon Debkafile- américano-israélien). Ces réseaux terroristes irano-libano-palestiniens seraient donc présents depuis au moins 2006 dans cette région et Israël aurait alerté, à plusieurs reprises l'Administration américaine du danger de déstabilisation pour le Caire, jusqu'à son opération "Plomb Durci", donnant le signal du nécessaire "nettoyage" de ces réseaux. Pré-positionnés en Egypte, au Soudan, mais possiblement aussi en Somalie,ces réseaux seraient chargés de frapper les intérêts pétroliers occidentaux, américains et saoudiens transitant par le Canal de Suez, en cas de frappe américaine ou israélienne contre l'Iran, et ainsi de paralyser ce trafic pétrolier.  L'Administration Obama aurait consenti à se retirer cette "épine du pied" afin de négocier les mains plus libres avec l'Iran. Cela ferait donc partie du volet militaire et sécuritaire de ces "négociations" visant à affaiblir les capacités de représailles des Mollahs contre les pays arabes "modérés". Services américains, israéliens et égyptiens auraient accru leurs modes de coopération pour vider cet abcès dans toute la corne de l'Afrique...

Cette confrontation avec l'Iran comprendrait également un volet diplomatique déterminant, des députés égyptiens et l'appareil sécuritaire du Caire réfléchissant désormais à émettre un mandat d'arrêt contre Hassan Nasrallah... Il serait important qu'on aille désormais bien au-delà de la rhétorique et des mots acerbes, dans le monde arabe... Le redécoupage politique de l'Orient comme du Levant, tel serait, en effet, l'enjeu.

Egypt: Another terror cell may be operating in Sinai

Following arrest of Hizbullah men involved in smuggling arms into Gaza, Egyptians suspect another smugglers' cell operating in tunnels area. Official source says Nasrallah's name to be included in indictment filed with Cairo court due to his direct involvement in affair

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Roee Nahmias

Published:  04.12.09, 08:24 / Israel News
Egyptian security sources suspect that another network of Palestinians is operating in the Sinai Peninsula and smuggling weapons into Gaza through the tunnels connecting Egypt and the Strip, the London-based Arabic-language al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper reported Sunday.


According to the report, residents of the city of Sheikh Zuwayed in Sinai are helping the Palestinian network and producing rockets in lathe-shop they built.
Additional cells operating in Sinai?  Photo: Reuters
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Arab Battle
Egypt: Nasrallah wants to turn us into Lebanon  / Ali Waked
Responding to Hizbullah leader's admission that his organization smuggled arms into Gaza, senior Cairo official tells al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper 'Egypt is not a building without a doorkeeper.' Nasrallah wants to unit region with Lebanese resistance moment in order to satisfy Iran, he adds
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The Egyptians have been stepping up their battle in recent days against terror-aiding activities inside the country and in the Gaza Strip. Cairo officially reported that dozens of activists suspected of being affiliated with the Hizbullah organization have been arrested, and is now looking into suspicions that the operatives had planned to carry out terror attacks in the country.


Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah confirmed Friday that one of his organization's activists was involved in smuggling weapons into Gaza, but denied that his men were planning attacks on Egyptian soil.


According to an official Egyptian source, Nasrallah's speech provided proof of his direct involvement in operating the Hizbullah cell in Egypt, and therefore his name should be included in the indictment filed with the Cairo court.


'Nasrallah an accessory'
The source told Egyptian daily al-Ahram, "Nasrallah's declaration and his admission that he had guided the Hizbullah cell in Egypt puts him in the circle of defendants, due to the fact that he was the inciter and the man responsible for funding the cell. Nasrallah also admitted that he has agents cooperating with Hizbullah."


The source added that Nasrallah was an accessory, as he had infiltrated Egyptian territory and used it for act violating Egyptian law, through the cell uncovered and arrested by Egypt's security organization.


Meanwhile, the al-Arabiya television news channel reported that Egyptian parliament members and legalists had called for an international arrest warrant against Nasrallah following the cell members' arrest and the Hizbullah leader's speech.


Egyptian security forces detained 15 people on Friday over accusations they helped make rockets destined to be smuggled into the Hamas-run Gaza Strip via border tunnels, security sources said.


The sources said authorities had confiscated the outer shells of 60 rockets from a metal workshop in the Sinai town of Sheikh Zuwayed, near the closed Rafah border crossing with Gaza.


Those held include the owner of the workshop and other workers and drivers who are accused of taking part in a scheme to manufacture rocket parts and send them to Hamas in Gaza. 

On Saturday, Egyptian police shot and killed a Bedouin in north Sinai and seized munitions concealed in his truck believed to be destined for Gaza, a security official said.


Also Saturday, security sources said Egyptian police had detained a man they said was transporting $2 million to north Sinai to be smuggled into Gaza to Hamas. The man, Hassan Mohamed Hassouna, was detained in Cairo along with his driver and eight-year-old son around a week ago, the sources said.



Reuters and AFP contributed to this report


The Iranian plan

Hizbullah terror cells uncovered in Egypt masterminded by Iranians

Smadar Peri

Published:  04.12.09, 09:11 / Israel Opinion
The hands that were sent to establish the terror cells in Egypt and run the smuggling network bringing arms and money into Gaza indeed belong to senior Hizbullah activists, yet the brain that came up with the plan to arm Hamas and undermine President Mubarak’s regime is in Tehran.


And so, for example, two of the suspects arrested in Egypt in connection with the Hizbullah terror cells work for an Iranian TV channel that broadcasted from Cairo and whose offices were used as a site for secret meetings and the transfer of funds and orders to the members of the Hizbullah cell in Egypt.


Hizbullah Leader
Nasrallah confirms reports of arms smuggling through Egypt / Ali Waked
Responding to Egyptian arrests of alleged Hizbullah operatives Nasrallah says smuggling of arms into Gaza 'is not a sin we need to apologize for'; also criticizes Cairo for siding with right-wing Israeli gov't
Full story
Cairo and Tehran have experienced plenty of friction ever since the Shah’s regime was toppled in 1979, marking the rise of the Ayatollahs’ “proper Islam.” Egypt’s embassy in Cairo was closed down, and meanwhile the Iranians named a major street and a square on the outskirts of Tehran after Khalid Islambouli, President Sadat’s killer.


Over the years, terror cells dispatched by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in order to kill Egyptian leaders were detained by Cairo. Four years ago, the Egyptian ambassador to Baghdad was killed, and his body had not been returned to this day.


Egyptian officials also warn that Qatar has fallen into the Iranian trap, and that al-Jazeera has become the axis of evil’s mouthpiece.


If Iran’s nuclear race is Israel’s nightmare, the Arab world’s nightmare is the “great plan” being formulated by the Iranians: A plan that is meant to “creep” into the territory of Arab states, deploy a network of sleeper terror cells within them, recruit terror activists, shower opposition movements with money, and then carry out a series of attacks, assassinations, artificial protests, and violent clashes with security forces and police.


Jordan’s King Abdullah openly shared his fears of “the Iranian crescent” when he warned against the Iranian plan to send its long arms into Lebanon, take over focal points of power in Iraq, and use Sudan as a base for deploying thousands of terrorists in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


Unanswered question

It was no coincidence that Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit announced: “We knew about the Israeli Air Force’s bombings in Sudan in real time.” We can guess that Egyptian intelligence services monitor Sudan because of the Iranian arms that settled there uninterruptedly and established training bases there.


In one moment, Iranian intelligence agents can block the Nile’s water sources, Egypt’s lifeblood, send in al-Qaeda-style murderers, and smuggle weapons and explosives not only to Gaza’s tunnels but also to Cairo and to the Alexandria Port.

In his late-night speech the other night, Hizbullah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah did not even try to deny the depth of the ties and commitment to Tehran. I wish that our excellent ties with Iran were appreciated by the leaders of states cooperating with the Zionist enemy, he said.


Nasrallah also did not try to shirk responsibility for the arms smuggling. He just didn’t provide the answer for the obvious question: Who is sending, via Hizbullah, hundreds of millions of dollars to finance terror, and where did the attack plans and arms received by the network activists in Egypt come from?



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