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19 janvier 2010 2 19 /01 /janvier /2010 23:29

Today More than Ever, I am Proud 






Immediately after the Haiti earthquake announcement and the flow of terrible news relating to the devastation and loss of life after this natural disaster, Israelis, as usual, became aware of the inevitability and urgency of their presence in that place of human catastrophe and human suffering, where evil strikes in all its viciousness.


In record time, they set up a field hospital, recruited doctors, surgeons, nurses, experts in detection of survivors under rubble and took off loaded with the necessary equipment for the expedition and food for distribution.


Yes, Israel, tiny Israel, Israel the insufferable and most hated country on this planet, most criticized and banned, was amongst the first to fulfill its duty towards mankind. That is a mankind which has long forgotten the real meaning of this word.


But this isn't all; Israelis have proved their grandeur, their kindliness and their brotherhood towards all human beings. Race, religion and color have not stopped them from flying to the rescue. They have simply brushed aside their rancor against a world that has ceased seeing clear in its thoughts, has ceased being logical and compassionate. Or rather, Israel has acted in spite of all that?


And on the spot in Haiti, this same world has no other alternative than to remain stunned facing the Israelis capacities, their success to provide rapid relief, and above all, their sacrifice to save their peers. Israel may be a poor country in terms of natural resources, but it is so rich in intelligence and creativity. It struggles to protect its philanthropic nature, its usefulness and its love of life, regardless of the cost and the means required.



It is a nation that has, through its suffering, won a unique wisdom and a perspective that very few possess. As well, it's a nation that despite its insignificant population numbers remains disproportionately absolute and sovereign in its impact on the entire world.  


Disarmingly, I pose a question that no one dares to utter: Amongst the Arab countries, so rich and so numerous, why can't we see them in places where misfortune is in power? They certainly possess the means to assist those poor creatures in distress, such as Islamic finance and wealth?

Is this question ever asked?


But, never mind, they may be seen parading in great numbers when the subject is the ineffable victimization of Palestinian people, or the virulent topics are Zionism and the Jew. They never fail to vociferously complain when those subjects are raised. Sarcasm? Possible. But also a truth that no one should ever deafen.


Should we pity them or rather scream loudly like those Haitians facing small Israelis' miracles: Israel is wonderful, Good Job Israel….


Today, more than ever, I am proud of the Jewish nation and even more so, proud to be a part of it.



Thérèse Zrihen-Dvir.


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